Wednesday, June 29, 2011

City tries its hand at real estate speculation

The first paragraph in this article says it all:
Fort Wayne wants control over how the land near Parkview Field is used, despite having no specific plan for development.
One would think that officials would welcome almost any private investment downtown. Instead, the city has bought this land so that it can cherry-pick potential buyers. If the redevelopment commission tries to micromanage downtown land usage, fewer businesses will be interested in locating there. It seems like many businesses "support" downtown but refuse to move there.


DAVID C "ROACH" said...

darn1 i was going to open a deja vu, or other strip club/potential casino/sports book there, with rooftop patio for watching the games. hot tubs, and nekked wimmin waving to the rubes.... guess that shoots that idea down. the city will never sell that to me for tha purpose for any price. look for some chain fast food joint. hooters? never know..

Robert Enders said...

Poor John's Lounge probably wouldn't want another competitor so close nearby.

Phil Marx said...

I say we build a rooftop lounge on top of poor John's and run a cable car from there to the stadium.

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