Monday, January 24, 2011

This is what irony is.

I just saw this commercial yesterday. I find it ironic that my tax dollars bailed out the company that made the product in this commercial. Here's hoping Americans in Detroit start getting cars right, and Americans in Washington DC start getting freedom right.

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Tim Zank said...

Oh it's ironic alright. Your tax dollars paid to help keep afloat a poorly managed bankrupt company that closed (at the behest of Obama) profitable dealerships all over the country killing thousands of jobs and small businesses but saving only the union jobs for production, while hosing all the lenders, bond holders, stockholders, & investors, and then selling 25% of the company to a foreign company Fiat and producing the car (in the commercial) in Canada.

Yeah Chrysler was a real frickin win win for tha American taxpayer.

Irony is soooo....ironic.