Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bombing at a Moscow airport

My immediate thought about this is the federal government can spend billions of dollar turning every domestic flight into a flying Alcatraz, and terrorists will decide that they don't even need to board a plane to cause mayhem. If your highest priority is to avoid being killed by a terrorist, then perhaps you should stay home, hide in the cellar, and avoid saying anything inflammatory. But please let everyone else live their lives. The world cannot be as safe as we would like it to be. We should not let maniacs dictate national policy. Nail clippers don't hijack planes, people do.

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Michael Enders said...

I don't fly often, but when I have I have wondered when a terrorist would hit the softest, most tempting target of all, which is the crowd in the airport that is just before the security checkpoint. Hitting there is easier and does about as much damage both immediately and in the long run in encouraging people to avoid airport as blowing up a plane. There is a lesson here for American airport security, but a lesson that the right people are unlikely to learn. The lesson is that if you leave security to the airlines rather than a federal bureaucracy, they will find ways to make it more efficient and convenient and at least as secure. For example, with a trusted passengers who are frequent flyers or otherwise vetted in advance, the lines at security checkpoints would be shorter and less crowded and would be much less tempting a target. Also, the planes would be just as secure, unless of course a trusted passenger suddenly goes berserk and starts attacking the flight crew with his nail clippers.