Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Net neutrality

Does anyone reading this blog really think that all data traveling over the internet should be treated equally? Is this video as important as an online course or a doctor communicating with a patient via web cam?

I use the Internet to write on this blog and to play Call of Duty online. There are corporations and universities that have way better things to do with their bandwidth than I do. If they want to reach an arrangement with their ISPs to get the better access that they need, they should be allowed to do so.

Do we really want the FCC regulating the Internet? Ever notice that networks will still air "Pearl Harbor" but won't show "Saving Private Ryan"? You can thank the FCC for that.


Daddy said...

Do non confuse neutrality with equality. One does need inequality as to have ability to purchase _guaranteed_ bandwidth agreements for some apps such as voice, video, conferencing etc, while getting the lowest cost if any for others, like email. Similarly bikepaths and highways openly discriminate against each other customers, surprisingly without a precedent of a lawsuit, and are paid for differently.

FCC is not regulating internet, neither any other national organization. ICANN does it internationally and ARIN northamericanly.

For a good review of FCC ruling pls read here:

Not sure what turtles have to do with it.

Robert Enders said...

The FCC voted to start regulating the Internet on Tuesday.

The turtle video is an example of what is considered to be as important as everything else on the Internet under net neutrality.