Thursday, December 09, 2010

Close Guantanamo for Christmas

This time of year, we are all reminded that most Americans worship a shaggy haired Middle-Easterner who was brutally tortured and killed by a superpower.

While I recognize that sometimes not even Middle-Easterners can avoid killing other Middle-Easterners, we probably should leave out that whole torture thing. I don't want us to be the antagonists in somebody else's New and Improved Testament centuries from now.


Eric Dondero said...

Urgh! What an absolutely horrible idea. Leftist political views on foreign policy have no place in our Libertarian movement. We Libertarians are patriotic Americans, and we like to protect our country from Islamo-Fascists who want to force our wives/girlfriends to wear burqas from head-to-toe, outlaw booze and gambling, jail marijuana smokers, and stone our Gay friends in the town square.

Thanks, but not thanks. I prefer Islamo-Fascist Terrorists to stay away from the US Mainland.

Robert Enders said...

Nobody had a problem keeping German POW's in the lower 48 States. These were actual fascists by the way. We even used them to build civil projects.

There is a former Taliban living right here in my state, and I feel perfectly safe with him there. John Walker Lindh is currently in a federal administrative maximum cell in Terre Haute, IN.

And I fail to see the need to keep a military base in a country that we are not at war with, not likely to go to war against us, and is not allied with us.

Daddy said...

I would argue that most German POW were ordinary folks that could not refused army enlistment under the thread of being killed by their own government if they refuse.

The actual number of nazies/fascists has not been that large at all, with good chunk of those just brainwashed dudes, not much different from any country where simple folks can be manipulated into patriotic chest beating flag waving exercise, to compensate for a small size of their father's tractor.

As far as our current enemies are concerned, this is entirely different story. They have been doing their conquest for centuries, and there is no reason for them to stop it before or after they conquer us.

Phil Marx said...

The Nazis brutally murdered millions of unarmed civilians, including a million children. Thousands of soldiers took part in the activities, and civilians in many towns could smell the stench of burning flesh from the ovens. I’d have a difficult time imagining that hardly any soldier of the Third Reich was ignorant of what was going on. To exonerate their guilt for this, to even the slightest degree, is utterly despicable.

As far as the conquests are concerned, I suggest you read up on your U.S. history a bit.

Daddy said...

Not only I read up well on the subject, but my immediate family managed to escape Holocaust by a miracle, while my 2 year old uncle have been murdered together with his mom in Vilna's getto.

No question they were despicable monsters and in my opinion got away lightly. However, the actual murderers, besides volunteered east Europeans, members of SS-TotenkopfverbÀnde etc, were only about 25 thousands, a small part of over 1 million men volunteers of SS (Schutzstaffel), and a tiny fraction of about 20 millions enlisted into their army/navy/airforce. While it is conceivable that some part of SS, besides TotenkopfverbÀnde has been aware of final solution, there is no indication that most regular enlisted and general population has been informed no more or less than the rest of the world since the Holocaust has been their state secret.

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