Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TSA=Touch Some Ass?

The TSA has started making airline passengers go through body scanners that see through clothing. Even if you are willing to go through this in order to feel safer, you should still understand that this will cause the airline industry to lose a lot of business. Body scanners and enhanced pat downs are not going to be tolerated by non-exhibitionists. People are going on trips by car that they would have previously taken by plane.

You are all adult enough to know that it is more dangerous to drive than to fly, so we can expect a rise in highway deaths as a result of these new humiliating procedures. Wasn't the whole point to save lives?


Doug said...

No. The point was Security Theater and to "do something." Terrorism was never more threatening to actual safety than cigarettes and automobiles. But reaction is based on perception more than actual risk.

Daddy said...

>Terrorism was never more >threatening to actual
>safety than cigarettes and

I disagree. 9/11 could have been an order of magnitude bigger if most folds have not managed to escape.
They could have chosen to make a larger amount of victims.

Alternative TSA touch have been suggested here:


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