Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another Modern Modest Proposal: Convert to Islam to Make Yourself Safer!

(Before sending me any hate mail or posting flame comments, kindly read about the original Modest Proposal.)

It seems that there are many people who are willing to sacrifice their own liberty to make themselves safer from terrorists. I'm not here to judge people for having values that are different from mine, but I did have an idea. Why not go all the way and convert to Islam so that terrorists won't want to blow you up?

Let's face it, the TSA simply will not do what it takes to make you completely safe on an airplane. I don't doubt the sincerity of the intent of these civil servants, but how do they expect to keep bombs off the plane if they aren't checking body cavities? But assuming that Al Qaeda is sincere in its intentions, a plane full of innocent Muslims will do more to deter a suicide bomber than any federal official.

Islam will make you safer on the ground as well. Any state that adopts sharia law can dramatically reduce drunk driving overnight. You don't hear about drunks running over little kids in the streets of Saudi Arabia. Why do some people put the First Amendment over the safety of our children?


Daddy said...

|But assuming that Al Qaeda is >sincere in its intentions, a plane >full of innocent Muslims will do >more to deter a suicide bomber >than any federal official.

You assign them your Christian believes. They are not by Christians by definitions. There is no way innocent Muslims on board would distract them from their goals any more than innocent Muslims in towers distracted them on 9/11. On the opposite, they would believe they are making them a favor of helping them get hold on 72 virgins each.

Michael Enders said...

I was a bit disappointed when I flew from New Haven, CT to Indy on December 30 that the airport security in New Haven (which has a very small airport) was no different from the last time I flew nearly a year ago. I guess I won't get my free colonoscopy until I start the return trip from Indianapolis tomorrow morning. I wonder if I can get the TSA people to forward the results to my physician.

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