Saturday, September 11, 2010

Suicide terrorists are like roaches. There are way more than the ones you see because they are always hiding You can never hope to scare them off, none of them are smart enough to be afraid of you. Sometimes you can kill them when they come out into the open, but that doesn't happen very much and often you don't see them until it's too late. You can devise ways to kill them where they hide, but as stupid as they are, they still find ways to adapt.

The best way to deal with roaches and terrorists is to deprive them them of what they feed on. Roaches live off of filth. Terrorists feed off of hate and fear.


Daddy said...

Roaches can be totally exterminated without a trace by opening a window for a while on a frosty day. Since they are cold blooded creatures, no matter where they hide, they would be gone.

The terrorists can be dealt with in a similar fashion. The absence of motivation by the west to get rid of them and limiting means to win, is keeping them all over again. Neither Alexander, Chingis, Lenin, Mao nor their own warlords had these problems in the past.

Its only one opinion that hate drives them. Another is that it is a sexual drive in expectations of 42 virgins waiting them in paradise. Those 'folks' that committed 9/11 atrocities, based on what is known on their prior activities (time with hookers in Vegas) were rather sexually motivated than a hatemongers.

Robert Enders said...

The leaders that you have cited have run regimes in which terrorism would have been the least of anyone's problems. Lenin and Mao killed way more of their own people than Osama bin Laden could ever dream of killing.

But I find it hard to argue with that last paragraph. Attention suicide bombers: Someone may have told you that martyrs get virgins in heaven. If they are not coming along in your mission, they are either gay or they are blowing smoke up your ass. Or maybe they're into cougars.

Daddy said...

>Lenin and Mao killed way more of >their own people than Osama bin >Laden could ever dream of killing.

You are wrong here. Lenin, while certainly a monster, has been relatively mild and an educated dude as compared to savage Mao, Stalin or Chingis. I'd more compare his atrocities with those of Abe's. Neither have been violent for violence sake as others but to achieve their nasty goals.

How many people do you think Osama would be targeting for killing if he gets his way. I would argue, all of us males, since this has been a pattern of their Arabic movement through Syria, Levant, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, where most population do not speak Syrian, Aramaic, Egyptian, Libyan, Algerian or Moroccan any more. They all speak Arabic now as they are now populated by descendants of Arabs conquerors who originated from Arabia similar to Osama. Nothing new here. Has happened for centuries and is happening now in Europe and Russia. If not convinced check out these pics from concurred downtown Moscow and Paris:

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