Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Longer school years?

Forget the cost for a moment. This will decrease graduation rates.
As things stand now, high school students in Fort Wayne already have the option of taking extra classes by coming into school earlier or by attending summer school. Some do it to get ahead, but many do it to avoid falling behind. By requiring every student to attend longer days year round, it makes it harder for kids who want to catch up to do so.


Tim Zank said...

The hilarious portion of Obama's suggestion is that somehow an extra month or two will somehow produce better results.

If you already make a shitty product, extending the work shift 2 hours a day or doing it an extra month isn't going to make the end product any better.

Daddy said...

Schools seems to be structured to serve teachers and school administrations, not kids. In Europe kids typically have 3 months summer vacations and 10 years in school, not 2 and 12 as here, while typically scoring better in learned skills and certainly better in sports.

What needs to be done is to allow schools to stay open after hours, and limit their liability to after hours gym, sports accidents and extra curricular responsibility, so that parents can stay working, while kids have an opportunity to take extra classes in whatever they/parents like. Currently school are primary managing their liability, a bottom line (ISTEP), while maximizing their administrative expenses, like building and renovation, where opportunity for "extra income" for administration and schools board can be spectacular.

What alleged hawaian have in mind could be to attract those parents voters who are eager to spend less for summer sitters.