Monday, March 22, 2010

Yesterday's healthcare bill

I think that the GOP would have stood a better chance of killing this bill had they not squandered their fiscal conservative credentials with TARP. But it can still be repealed by a future Congress, portions of it can be challenged in court, and it can even be used to try out state nullification.


AA Wulf said...

State nullification went the way of the dodo after the Civil War along with all the "sovereignty and independence" many states had enjoyed prior. If you weren't paying attention in history class, the antifederalists won the war, there won't be any state nullifications passing anytime soon.

Robert Enders said...

California is considering legalizing marijuana in spite of federal law. Montana has declared that federal gun laws don't apply to guns manufactured and sold within its own borders. Utah wants to seize federal land through eminent domain. These are interesting times...

AA Wulf said...

This is truie...perhaps I overestimate the rulings that the Supreme Court will come down like a hammer with upon these upstart States who want to exercise their constitutional rights. :-P

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