Friday, June 26, 2009

What if government ran health care?

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Daddy said...

The best healthcare in the world, the French one, is run by the French government. The German or Austrian ones are not far behind. French also have government-run auto insurance and trains, which is also much better compared to our local ones from whatever angle you look at it, except one.

That one being the doctor earnings here, reported to be the best paid profession in this country, reportedly earning twice as much on average here as the next best paid trade unionists, with the license to charge with their own union members sitting on the bench to serve them, the lawyers. $200K versus about $100K the last time I checked. What would be a reason for it. Could it me a cartel thing?

The amount of medical equipment does not matter, if it is sitting idling due to excessive pricing, no insurance coverages etc.

And as far as this particular ruling fixed two-party regime is concerned, it seems like any other self serving regimes, to be more interested in putting large proportion of its citizens behind bars for unusually large time, calling it cynically 'corrrection', while at the same time not particularly interested in provide its citizens with the basic human needs like free health care:

Nothing new here. Just lets calls a naked king for what he is.

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