Monday, June 08, 2009

There have been renewed calls for increased government control over health care. A new argument holds that fixing healthcare is key to fixing the economy. This is an easy argument to pick apart:
1. If the current economic situation means we need to fix healthcare, does it follow that we won't need to fix it if the economy improves?
2. Is increasing federal spending by hundreds of billions a year on top of what we already spend somehow a better idea now that we're 11 trillion in debt?
3. Aren't they putting the cart before the horse? Isn't the way to make healthcare more affordable is to grow the economy so that more people can afford it?
4. Isn't healthcare's real problems caused by previous attempts to fix it?

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Daddy said...

If an observation that I once came across, turns out to be true, that about a half of their earnings are coming from a long time 'support' of unconscious patients, with no power of attorney to their relatives to terminate them, a simple mandatory power of attorney by everyone would decrease the health cost in half.

If their incentives were on par with their patients health, we would have been able to reduce the health care cost perhaps even more, as patients would be getting healthier faster. But the system is broken already with current incentives, it may take quite a while until ethics restored.

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