Thursday, October 09, 2008

Reason TV's solution to the healhcare crisis

Basically the video says that most, if not all, of those without health insurance either can afford it or are eligible for existing government programs.

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Gloria said...

The last time I checked into health care that was state-provided (this was years ago) it would have cost me $333 a MONTH. Perhaps the Healthy Indiana Plan is cheaper, but if you have pre-existing conditions, good luck trying to pay the premiums. The state WILL insure you, but if you can’t afford the premiums, tough luck. If you are looking for private health insurance, good luck finding someone who will insure you, even if you have the money.

Bottom line, health care is not of any importance here in the United States. Canadians live longer, and I’m sure it’s not from all the beer they drink. You think it might be because if they need to go to the doctor, they can? I’m overdue for doctor’s visits because I have no insurance and no money. I tried to get health benefits when I applied for food stamps earlier this summer, and I was turned down. If you have NO money or assets whatsoever, you’ll be able to get some assistance, but it turns into an all-or-nothing situation. If you needed to move into a nursing home for whatever reason, you’d have to go through all your assets, including selling your house and everything in it, before Medicare kicks in.

In a perfect world, we’d all be gainfully employed, make enough money to live on and afford our needs. It’s not a perfect world. Take a look at all the hog roasts and benefits being put on for people who are sick and either don’t have insurance, or insurance won’t cover everything. I don’t think you’d find it so funny if you wound up with testicular cancer. Would you work until you died? I doubt it. You’d work up until the point where you couldn’t get out of bed, but then what? Who takes care of you until you die? Well, if the Libertarians truly believed in taking care of themselves, I guess you’d be stuck with taking care of yourself until you died. Then, I guess you get to make your own funeral arrangements, and take yourself to the gravesite, dig your grave, or cremate yourself.

You’ve never been sick enough to be in danger of losing your house or your job. Maybe a dose of reality might make you see the health care issue is not as cut and dried as just going out and buying insurance, providing you can find someone to insure you.

And speaking of Libertarians taking care of themselves, I guess those receiving any sort of government money for ANY reason can just call themselves hypocrites. We all want our slice of the pie. We just won’t admit it.

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