Friday, October 17, 2008

An appeal to my fellow Libertarians and my Democratic friends

All of the state representative seats around Fort Wayne are considered safe. In fact, most of the incumbents are unopposed. But I just got a fundraising letter from Rex Bell who is running for the State House in the 54th District. Whether you are a Democrat or a Libertarian, this is your opportunity to reduce the number of Republicans in the State House.

Dear Friends of Liberty,

For years, our friends and neighbors have cited their main reason for not voting Libertarian is that we cannot win. I am dropping you a note to let you know that we Libertarians are VERY close to changing this perception forever in Indiana. Rex Bell is running for the Indiana House of Representatives in District 54 against Republican Tom Saunders. Saunders is in a very weak position. He isn't getting the same amount of financial support that he normally would, and many of the GOP base are defecting to Rex Bell. Why? He was opposed to making the Governor's property tax caps constitutional, and is in favor of keeping our current property tax system in place. Rex Bell supports the repeal of property taxes.

There is no Democrat in this race. It is Bell vs. Saunders. As a result, many Democrats are actively working to elect Rex Bell. So it seems that if there is one thing Democrats AND Republicans agree on in District 54, it's Libertarian Rex Bell.

As Libertarians, we know the difficulty of beating the two party system, so a gift like this race comes along once rarely. To make history in Indiana, we need to band together as Libertarians, and do two things:

1. Donate Money. Rex is currently running radio ads, has up billboards, distributed yard sings and literature, and sent out a direct mail piece to Democrats. The next piece of the puzzle is a direct mail piece to Republicans in the district. The cost is a little over $3000 by NEXT Wednesday. In two days, Libertarians from across the state have raised $2,300 for Rex. That means we have $700 to go. Please go to, and donate $30 or $40. For the price of a meal for two at Chili's, you can help change to course of LPIN and Statehouse history forever. If we raise more than $3,000, Rex can begin running television ads, and his radio ads on additional stations.

2. Donate Time. Standing outside of the polls on election day can win races. In 2006, Jon Elrod beat Ed Mahern in House District 97 by EIGHT votes. This was a direct result of Elrod having 90% of his polling places staffed by volunteers handing out cards.

3. Tell your friends. Forward this email to your Liberty-loving friends, and ask them to check out

Rex Bell


Eric Dondero said...

Reducing the number of Republicans in elective office is akin to reducing the number of libertarians in office.

Democrat = Fascism

Republican = Lite libertarian

Libertarian = Heavy Libertarian

Why would anyone want to make an appeal to the Fascist Party USA, otherwise known as the Democrats?

The only way we can promote liberty, is by defeating Democrats.
And that requires cooperation between both Libertarians and Republicans.

Sean Shepard said...

Eric. You have it slightly wrong here.

Looking at the results not the individuals and their rhetoric:

Democrat - CommunoFascist

Republican - Lite Socialist

Libertarian - Libertarian / Classical Liberal / Fiscal Conservatives

Sean Shepard said...

Actually. I'm being generous to the Republicans there probably because I think of guys like Ron Paul and, to a lesser extent, Jeff Flake (AZ) and have fond memories of Reagan, even though the end results [deficit, war on drugs] weren't what we might all hope for.

Robert Enders said...

Eric Dondero,
This is a state legislative race, so I'm a tad surprised that you are taking an interest here. Don't you still live in Texas?

The GOP is losing support and losing its fiscal conservative credentials. Because of our Republican president, they actually had to add another digit to the National Debt clock. At least the budget was balanced under Clinton.

BTW, the word "fascism" gets thrown around a lot these days.

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