Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Happy Independence Day!

On Memorial Day, we remember those who fought and died. On Veterans Day, we honor those who fought and survived. But Independence Day is a day that belongs to all Americans.

Some of our ancestors came here from Europe fleeing religious persecution. Some of them were sent here as punishment because England didn′t want them anymore. Some of them were kidnapped in Africa and brought here against their will. Some of them walked all the way here from Siberia. America has always been a place people went when they couldn′t go anywhere else.

Some of them fought for Independence. Some of them fought against Independence but were allowed to remain here anyway. From Concord and Lexington, to Gettysburg, to Little Big Horn, many people fought for whatever their own idea of freedom is.

Wherever your ancestors are from, whatever they stood for, America is still very glad to have you all.

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