Monday, June 19, 2017

Everyone is invited to:

The Libertarian Party of Allen County Outreach meeting 

June 28, at 7pm,
 in the back room of 
the Liberty Diner, 
2929 Goshen Rd., Fort Wayne. 

“Free Minds and Free Markets” will be presented by Brett Bittner, Marion County Chair and former Georgia school board member, 
followed by an amusing “Ask Aunt Libby” parody. 

FREE -- just pay for your meal.

Our meetings are usually the 4th Wednesday at 7pm
- Even numbered months: Liberty Diner, 2929 Goshen Rd.
- Odd numbered months: Jeannette Jaquish's house at 1423 Louisedale Dr., Fort Wayne 46808 (north of the Zoo, off Sherman or Wells)
For more information call Jeannette at 260 750-9013 or visit our Facebook page

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