Friday, February 10, 2017

The Feb. 8,  2nd Wednesday Beer and Libertarians Get Together at Deer Park Pub discussed many topics: 
The poor roads in Indiana, bad asphalt mixes since 1920's, hemp fibers in asphalt (this is a real thing!), leading into discussion of when and why marijuana went illegal, no fault insurance in Michigan and the price difference, also no upper cap on Medicare -- in Michigan? I'm not sure.  
Muncie tried and failed to privatize its fire department. Someone asserted that health care costs began to rise under Nixon, someone else pointed out that doctors pay half their income to malpractice insurance. Soon we are discussing US blundering in the Middle East, that ISIS is Sadaam Hussein's old Bath Party. "We need to be spreading the message of liberty," said one fellow, and that about summed it up.
It wasn't this random, other discussion was in between. 
We talked about how to get more members so we'd have enough to host a speaker which would justify the media publishing our meeting event, to get more members. 
The group was agreeable to joining the St. Patrick's Day Parade at Deer Park, Friday, March 17.  We have Irish themed Libertarian signs and our banner, and a giant walking puppet girl wearing a green dress. 
This town has no real debates; we could host them and then Libertarians would be included.  Whether to join with a college liberty club or not was discussed.
We may seem like a lot of talk and no action, and so far we are.  But you do need to figure things out, and get enthusiasm going, before you will get sustained manpower to actually do anything.

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