Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Report on the Jan 25, 2017 Libertarian meeting of Allen County

1-25-2017 - Robert Enders, chair, Jeannette Jaquish-Vice Chair, Alec Smith- Secretary and Kristi Avery-Treasurer, Mike Tront, a new guy - Stuart, and Brian Stoner attended.  The promised live stream had technical problems and would not go up.
No votes were taken or money expended but many events were launched.
The group agreed with Alec's idea to organize a trash pickup on the southeast side of Fort Wayne. Alec has a friend their whose home is a gathering place. We talked about serving food after the pick up and playing music and getting to know the neighborhood and set a good example.
We talked about doing booths and 4 people volunteered. Kristi ordered a poster sized grid for people to score their World's Smallest Political Quiz from the Politically Homeless kit from the Advocates for Self Government. This will be good to use at booths at fairs and gun shows and farm shows and similar events.
Mike said maybe he could speak at the morning shift when Robert, Jeannette and Alec speak at a social studies/political science class at Concordia Lutheran High School, March 10.
Alec postulated we could get Democrats and Republicans to send a representative to do live or videotaped debate/conversations. We proposed various locations such as Wunderkammer or Calhoun Soups and Subs.
Someone mention the live streamer/blogger Tom Woods who will mention libertarian websites on his blog, which, it is reported, result in many hits.
As for website, Jeannette said she would call the person in charge of our website and get it going again.  Also find our old copy of our bylaws and platform, though we could revert to the state LP's version.  Our local LP was inactive for a few years, and our records suffered.
Robert will try to track down some other old records from a relative of an LPAC officer who died.
The group enjoyed pizza and Chinese food and snacks and discussed terrorism and news items.  Our newest member, Stuart had conversations with everyone.  Later, those left played "What do you Meme?"

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Mr. Reinking said...

I am the government teacher at Concordia High School, and I would like to thank Robert, Jeannette, and Alec Smith for coming to my classroom last week. If they would not mind, I would like to have contact info (email or cell phone preferred) for each of them for future reference if at all possible. Thanks

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