Sunday, March 01, 2015

And we'll never be Royals ..... OUTRIGHT LIBERTARIANS get heckled for challenging Bush and Paul at CPAC

There is a 2016 Election meme catching flack that was put out by OUTRIGHT LIBERTARIANS, the GLBT Libertarian Caucus Group, in response to the that Mike Shipley wrote a defense of the meme which you can read at your leisure here.

However the issues of Nobility and Dynastic Presidencies have always salt and peppered our political landscape. I think every Libertarian has reserved concerns between familial power versus individuals experience and merit, and I have concerns about aristocracy, especially another Bush or for that matter Clinton; but this Country has, from its Constitutional foundation, always flirted with Dynasties (Adams/Quincy Adams 2nd and 6th Presidents) while at the same time opposed Titles of Nobility directly in the Constitution:
"No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States: and no person holding any office of profit or trust under them, shall, without the consent of the Congress, accept of any present, emolument, office, or title, of any kind whatever, from any king, prince, or foreign state." (A1S9C8; See also A1S10C1)
But it is not just about the Presidency, any review also needs to be considerate of Congress as well. In 1848, for example, more than 16 percent of congressional seats were filled by someone whose relative had previously held the position [source: Kieley]. Moreover, a 2006 study found that Congress members who serve more than one term have a 40 percent chance of someone in their family later ending up in Congress [source: Alexander]. That doesn't imply that these family trees are full of rotten apples, but they may cultivate relationships and connections that can help siblings, cousins and in-laws win elections as with any successful business operation. (SOURCE: HOW STUFF WORKS)

In 1810, Democratic–Republican Senator Philip Reed of Maryland,[13] introduced a Constitutional amendment modifying the Title of Nobility Clause. Under the terms of this amendment any United States citizen who accepted, claimed, received or retained any title of nobility from a foreign government would be stripped of their U. S. citizenship. After being approved by the Senate on April 27, 1810, by a vote of 19–5[14] and the House of Representatives on May 1, 1810, by a vote of 87–3,[15] the amendment, titled "Article Thirteen", was sent to the state legislatures for ratification. On two occasions between 1812 and 1816 it was within two states of the number needed to become a valid part of the Constitution.[16] As Congress did not set a time limit for its ratification, the amendment is still technically pending before the states. Currently, ratification by an additional 26 states would be necessary for this amendment to be adopted. (SOURCE: WIKI)


Which yes, means if 26 States ratified the Amendment between now and next week, we could end up with Joe Biden as President until 2017! President Obama has violated this portion of the Constitution twice, the first being the Nobel Peace Prize; the second being a medal for the bejeweled Collar of the King Abdul Aziz Order of Merit, Saudi Arabia's highest honor in January 2008.  (SOURCE: WASHINGTON POST)

Here everyone was crying about a valid Birth Certificate, when all you had to do was finish amending the Constitution. Kenya would be mighty happy to have him. Say It Aint So Joe gets to laugh at everyone publicly! Meanwhile Donald Trump is getting his head ferret shaved in shame wondering why he didnt think of that first.

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