Sunday, January 04, 2015

"The Interview" is Spot On Commentary and Excellent Comedy

"The Interview" is not mediocre. It is great. Crude, but great. I went with family, out of curiosity and to be a part of this growing story and was impressed from the first scene - don't arrive late because the first scene is laugh out loud hilarious as a sweet little Korean girl sings praises of Kim Jong Un and despicable detailed hatred of . . . you'll find out, to a mass rally. This is a good script with crisp, unique, believable characters, fast moving plot, great visuals and film artistry. Some of the bad words and gutter talk went on too long for me, but it was tolerable and not unusual in R-rated movies. There was sex, but, besides some breasts, out of the frame and funny. And Kim Jong Un should be flattered by his depiction - he comes off as more tough and dangerous than the images I've seen of him schlumping around like a big toddler. Besides Kim Jon Un, the CIA and the US's failed heavy handed diplomacy are lambasted, as well as the viewing public's appetite for trite sensationalism.  Cinema Center is the only theater in the Fort Wayne area playing it, through this Thursday, and maybe longer.  I hear the South Koreans are dropping DVDs on North Korea; if so, this could have a real effect. See showtimes at  .

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