Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I can only think of two things that haven't already been said a million times over in various media outlets.

1) I propose that police action shootings that are suspected of being unjustified should be reviewed on the state or federal level. Local prosecutors do depend on local police to see to it that defendants appear in court. Prosecutors understandable give police the benefit of the doubt, but sometimes the benefit is too much. Even with internal investigations carried out in good faith, police departments should strive to avoid even the appearance of evil.

2) Rioters are like certain politicians in that they will use a good cause to justify horrible actions. I cannot condone theft or destruction of private property, whatever the motive. But if you want to loot and plunder and claim that your actions are respectable, perhaps you should wear a suit and tie while doing so.

 3) Yes, there is still racism in this country. While there is less of the overt kind involving white robes and cross in this century, there is still a lot of the subtle kind of prejudice out there.

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Jeannette Jaquish said...

I agree. Well said. There is tunnel vision and devotion to a favorite belief in spite of contradicting evidence on both sides. The prosecutor should have recused himself because his cop father was killed by a black man, so his opinion will not convince the Mike Brown supporters, and the grand jury should have been 6 black, 6 white, not 9 white, 3 black. We needed a decision that is obviously fair. And why announce it at 10:20 pm??? That's just asking for trouble.