Sunday, June 08, 2014

Obama was right to get Sgt Bergdahl back

Why did Sgt Bergdahl go wandering around Afghanistan alone and unarmed? If that is what happened, it seems likely that he was mentally ill. Perhaps someone with more information can explain how Bergdahl's actions make any sense in terms of duty to his country or providing aid to the enemy. Only a thorough investigation can sort this out, and all US military personnel are entitled to due process when they are accused of committing a crime. If it is determined that he was a traitor, it is better to have such a dangerous man in US custody than in the hands of the Taliban. So what if the President failed to give 30 days notice? Why do either the President or Congress still pretend to care about the rule of law? If Congress impeached him over this oversight, it would be like giving a bank robber a parking ticket because he left his getaway car in a handicap spot and dismissing all other charges. The war in Afghanistan is over, or at least it should be. Osama bin Laden was our reason for invading in the first place, and that monster has been dead for three years. To stay in Afghanistan is like going to the hardware store for a tool, finding that tool, and then staying to look around for other expensive crap that you don't really need. Just go to the checkout and leave. But before you leave, bring home everyone you brought with you.

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