Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan open thread

I'm voting for Gary Johnson, no matter what Mitt Romney does in the next three months. Most people with a developed political philosophy already know who they are going to vote for by now. But I would like to hear from anyone who says that they are more or less likely to vote for Romney because of his VP choice. Leave a comment below if that's you.

I do remember in 2008 several friends of mine leaning towards McCain when he picked Palin. Then Palin opened her mouth and the rest is history.

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Doug said...

Ryan supported TARP, invading Iraq, the Patriot Act, Medicare expansion, among other things. I don't see how libertarians or fiscal conservatives could support him in particular.

Now, if your main goal is to see that social safety net items and government expenditures mainly benefiting the poor and middle class are cut so that the savings can be used to ensure that the rich are able to acquire even more; Paul Ryan is a solid pick.

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