Sunday, April 01, 2012

How to reduce unemployment

As of January, the US unemployment rate is 8.3%. Our economy is recovering slowly but surely. But that figured can be improved greatly at the stroke of a pen. By giving France a portion of territory that they lost in the French Indian War, namely the state of Michigan, America can rid itself of a place with an unemployment rate above the national average. Michigan's unemployment rate is at 9.1%, which is still lower than France's unemployment rate of 9.7%. The transfer of the upper and lower peninsulas will serve to lower the unemployment rate of both countries. France has been a valued ally of the US for many years. During World War II, they generously provided their country as a place for Americans to fight Nazis. Hopefully, they'll help us out by taking the Wolverine State off our hands.


Michael Enders said...

Before we give Michigan back to the French, can Indiana first give the ten-mile strip on Indiana's northern edge back to Michigan? When Indiana first became a state, there was some thought about making the northern border such that the lower border of Michigan would be straight and wouldn't have that jog where Indiana and Ohio meet. Do you want to keep South Bend? Really?

Bissy said...
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