Monday, February 27, 2012

The latest proposal to screw up downtown Fort Wayne

There is a proposal to slow down traffic in downtown Fort Wayne. Here is the primary reason cited by the mayor:
....will improve visibility and access to businesses, provide traffic calming and encourage economic development
Downtown is already a safer place to walk than other commercial areas, such as Coliseum Boulevard, West Jefferson and Illinois Road, and DuPont. And Fort Wayne as a whole typical has less than 5 pedestrian fatalities per year. It always has been and likely always will be safer to walk than to drive in any city. I like being able to park my car, get what I need from one place, get what I want from another place, and get something to eat from a third place without having to move my car three times.
But when I am in my car, my goal is to safely minimize my travel time. Sometimes I adjust my route when there is construction, and I avoid traveling during rush hour when I can help it. So if the city intentionally slows down traffic downtown, that will only serve to discourage motorists from visiting that area.


Phil Marx said...

Their goal is to force people to stay downtown longer than they have to. My guess is that this will cause many to simply avoid dowb=ntown altogether. And for those who can"t?

We should plant a few bushes along the main routes, right in front of the newly posted 5MPH speed limit signs. Every time a motorist is pulled over we give them the option of engaging in community service to commute the fine. This service would consist of watching a ballgame and having diner downtown.

Curt Wulf said...

Outrageously over-reactionary as usual. I looked over the plan and it doesn't seem bad. It proposes basically closing off a lane of Jefferson that is generally closed off anyway due to Embassy theater drop-offs, or ball park close offs. Jefferson has been a 4-lane highway about half of last year anyway. I don't see a lot of the so-called congestion and traffic slowdowns that's being touted here.

Did you even look at the proposal, or did you just see "shut down a lane on Washington and Jefferson" and ignore everything else, like the opening of two-way traffic on Fairfield and Ewing, something that should have been done ages ago?

Robert Enders said...

Mr. Wulf, the proposal was to slow down traffic. I can see doing so for safety reasons, but safety isn't the reason that this has been proposed. The fact is that downtown is safer than even many north side areas. Perhaps you can do a better job of explaining to me how forcing me to drive slower will make me want to spend more time and money downtown.

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