Monday, January 09, 2012

Foreign Aid

People who are not subject to a government's jurisdiction are not entitled to aid from that government. If I were President, and a foreign government asked me for money, I'd tell them to petition Congress for admission to the Union. Barring unforeseen circumstances, I doubt that government or Congress would move forward on such a thing.

If you feel that a government needs money, write them a check yourself. You probably already are providing money to third world countries every time you buy gas.

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Phil Marx said...

If a man goes to a prostitute, it's a cash transaction. Both parties acknowledge that up front. But if a man has a mistress, he has to protect her vanity somewhat. So rather than paying her before sex, he buys her pearls and diamonds after. It's enough to allow her to convince herself and tell others with a straight face that she is not a prostitute. The man probably doesn't see any difference.

Now, apply this same logic to international affairs. If we offer cash to another country in exchange for them giving up a bit of their sovereignty to us, it looks like prostitution. But if they give it up first, then receive lavish gifts afterwards, it looks like mutual friendship.

The biggest problem with type of arrangement is that it is difficult to ascertain who is truely getting the better end of the barhgain. Perhaps we need to develop a ledger system. For every five Americans soldiers that rape little girls in foreign lands but are not prosecuted, we give that country a hundred thousand bucks. After all, it probably costs us more than twenty grand to train a new soldier so it would be a good investment for us.