Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why you should be worried about indefinite detention

There are religious terrorists out there. There are also secular terrorists out there. For that matter, I suspect some terrorists are as sincere about their religious beliefs as politicians are about their campaign promises.
There are also right wing terrorists, left wing terrorists, anarchist terrorists, and people with no coherent ideology who just want to blow up things and hurt people. Terrorists can be of any race or ethnicity.
Terrorists can look like anybody. Even elderly and disabled people have joined these movements. So anybody can be mistaken for a terrorist. Maybe a disgruntled neighbor might leave an anonymous type about you taking flight lessons or a chemistry class.

There are a couple of reasons why this will make us less safe:
1. When a suspect is captured, our justice system takes further steps to ensure that the right guy is in custody and the actual perpetrator is still at large. One of these steps is called a trial. Some people might insist that it is better to punish the innocent than let the guilty go free, but allowing people to establish their innocence helps ensure that guilty people do not go free.
2. Here's a hypothetical scenario. Let's say a bomb goes off in Chicago, and some group calling itself the Detroit Lions Liberation Army claims responsibility. The government arrests 10 Lions fans and doesn't give them a trial. Would this make Lions fans more or less loyal to America? Now replace "Lions fans" with "Southerners", "abolitionists", "African-Americans", "Mormons", "Japanese-Americans", "German immigrants" or any other group that has ever been placed under suspicion.

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Phil Marx said...

That's why they added the provision that it's not necessary to reveal that the people have been arrested. And anyone who questions what may have happened will be dealt with in the same manner.

Personally, I think all those 'disappeared' people in South America just went fishing and accidentally slipped into the water. Granted, it is a bit suspicious that they ended up so far out to sea, and that their hands and legs were bound. But the alternative is to believe that a government would harm it's own people, and I just can't bring myself to say that (because doing so would be a violation of the NDAA act and cause the government to view me as belligerent).

I love my country (please don’t murder me). It’s the best damn country that ever was, is or will be (please, I’ll spy on my neighbors if you agree not to murder me). And no, I’m not saying all this patriotic dribble under duress (please don’t torture me). I’m saying it because I truly love my country (and don’t want my own government to murder me).

Well, I need to log off now as I have much to do (I’m calling the FBI to report Robert’s seditious post that dares to question our Gestapo). I really enjoyed this post Robert (have fun in the Bastille). I’ll be seeing you around (not very likely).

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