Thursday, October 07, 2010

Why vote for this guy?

Charles White has committed voter fraud, yet is still leading in the polls for the Indiana Secretary of State race. If you're planning on voting for Charles White, then I invite you to explain your decision by leaving a comment below.


Daddy said...

One republican in power supporting another Republican taking his place? I would think Rokita should have dismissed himself from having opinion on the matter.

Another good reason to vote for Libertarian Mike Wherry for a Secretary of State - to limit established parties from abusing their duopolistic grip on power while acting in their self interests and not in the interest of the voters.

Go Mike, GO!

Tiberius said...

What White did was a major violation, and totally excludes him from being considered for my vote. All Opsili had to do was keep quiet and not say or do anything stupid. But then the reports came out about possible discrepencies on his finance reports.

I am really surprised that the State or National Libertarian Party has not seized upon this opportunity. All they have to do is put out a simple ad saying "Our candidate for the office that oversees election laws is the one not being accused of any violations of election laws."

Tim Zank said...

Seems like much ado about nothing. Whom was he "defrauding" by voting at his old precinct?

Did his vote count twice?

Did he vote again elsewhere?

Yes we have rules for a reason, but jesus, isn't this a little ridiculous?

Daddy said...

I would think it is ridiculous that some laws are seemingly written by ruling parties in expectation not to be applied to them.

It seems similar to, for example soviet communists or US judges decisions to rule to be themselves exempt from going to jail/prison for crimes committed.

This alone, I would argue, constitutes an usurpation of power that our constitution still exists to protect us from.

Robert Enders said...

If one person is allowed to do it, many people will attempt it. Imagine if Democrats from Evansville, Bloomington, and Gary registered to vote in the 3rd Congressional District.

By voting in the wrong district, you infringe on the rights of those who actually live there.

Mike Wherry is raising money for ads. Stay tuned!

Tiberius said...


I consider the situation with White to be very serious for two reasons.

First of all, I realize the rules that candidates must comply with can often be obscure. Generally, making a few errors like this is not something I would consider to be a major problem. Incidentally, from the reports I have heard so far, I would include Osili’s possible campaign finance errors to be in this same category.

However, as the potential chief election officer of the state, I think candidate’s have a higher duty than most candidates to adhere to all the rules. In this respect, I find Osili’s potential offense to be as great as White’s own offense.

However, White’s use of the incorrect address allowed him to keep his city council position. That‘s more than a simple mistake, it‘s fraud.

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