Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Souder resigns

Souder has admitted to an affair and is now leaving Congress. Let this be a reminder that we are all human and that we all make mistakes. This why the amount of power that we give any frail and imperfect human should be limited.

My opinion is that adultery is a private matter that should be resolved between the cheater and the aggrieved spouse. I would not rule out voting for a candidate based on an affair anymore than I would make a decision to hire or fire someone on that same basis (unless it was a relationship that presented a conflict of interest). To fire a man over an affair can potentially cause financial harm to his wife if she decides to stay with him, or leaves him and demands alimony or child support.


Daddy said...

You missed a major point. His position implies certain responsibility. One of them to have those in high power not to be hooked by foreign agencies and other special interests (mafiaa anyone), like this:


Since once they hook someone it, and make pictures, they can plausibly use a well established methodology,


to let him work not for his investors,.. oops., his campaign contributors, but for someone else. A share delusion in commercial life.

Gloria said...

If you run for office, there is no hiding. Personally, I'd like my elected officials to be smarter than me, better with money than I am and certainly moral. Otherwise, why not just vote for criminals. Oh wait, we do.

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