Friday, October 23, 2009

How Obama can earn his Peace Prize: Part 2 of 3

One way that Obama might reduce the amount of violence in the world is leave the matter of drug enforcement up to the states. He has already promised that people who comply with state law won't be prosecuted for drug possession by the federal government. I applaud him for this, but I wish he would apply this principle on all matters pertaining to drugs. If every state were allowed to set their own drug policies, it could go a long way towards reducing the amount of violence stemming from the drug trade.

Even if you think that someone using marijuana across town impacts your quality of life, you should support this idea. Indiana is not going to allow pot use in the foreseeable future. But if another state decriminalizes it, many undesirable potheads will leave this state.

Indeed, a substantial portion of the violence in Afghanistan is due to the opium trade. I propose that Obama allow the allegedly sovereign nation to establish and enforce its own drug policies. Our troops are there to fight terrorists. Their poppy is their problem.


Daddy said...

>I propose that Obama allow the
>allegedly sovereign nation to
>establish and enforce its own drug

The current Bolivian president used to work in a position of the president of Bolivian coca growers association, and rumors are has ben elected due to that.
Guess if he would like to cooperate?

Daddy said...

It turns out that another guy may be elected (nominate as we like it here, in Allen county) by their local heroin grower/trader association too:

Interestingly CIA is reported to have some part(or is it a cut?) in it, that would not surprise me a bit, given the 2007 NIE, that every other foreign intelligence agency poked fun at:

I somehow doubt that this restaurant owner is any more likely to approve napalming his opium fields than Mr. Madoff were to approve auditing NASDAQ operations while being in charge of it..