Friday, March 06, 2009

What Happens When 4 Libertarians Get Together? Fox News Has An Orgasm! And Almost Agrees With Russia?

Glenn Beck Show with Steven Moore, Penn Jillette and Mark Skousen

Here is the remainder of the clip which brings up a very scary perspective of splitting up the Country to prove which side Liberal or Conservative would succeed in restoring the economy.

The reason why this is so concerning that Conservative and even Libertarian pundits are starting to talk about is because it has also been mentioned by Igor Parain (updated link) a Russian Foriegn Ministry Professor and Dean who back in 1998 started to lament and is again asserting that, if America continues on the path of moral decline, then President Barack Obama will order martial law this year, following such action, the United States will split into six rump-states before 2011, and Russia and China will become the backbones of a new world order.

Now with a gun toting Maverick in Alaska and the Country of Mexico in shambles, obviously Dr. Panarin left a few things to account for in his analysis. But this is why our Country is better in almost everything especially the rule of law. Why you ask? State Sovereignty Rights! You see, our Founders built fail safes into both the Federal Constitution and the State Constitutions to address certain issues of insolvency and dissolution from the Union. So while Martial Law may be very likely very soon, and there is a concern amongst even Libertarians of our Union lasting, there are provisions in place to both a. make it a smooth transition and b. keep it from destroying this Country. Because aside from any popular misconception, We The People were a nation before we were the United States of America under the Constitution, and the power to govern always has and always will reside with US! Now all We need to do is force our leadership to follow the rules We wrote.


UPDATE: Certain Text and Links have been updated/corrected for your information.

Click Here to view another video from under 2 months ago where Glenn Beck talks about his desire for California to be removed from the Union and that We as Americans may need to read the instruction manual on secession again by States, even if it was "invalidated" by the Civil War and the 14th Amendment which made everyone Citizens of the USA rather than a particular State, Commonwealth, Territory, Province or Jurisdiction. What is left in a very sad reality is the only Constitutional Rights left to We The People are those of Revolution or Responsibility of each Citizen to Vote!

The Gentlemen over @ Queer Cincinnati have two posts here and here on this topic too.


Robert Enders said...

The scenario put forth by Igor Panarin is wishful thinking on his part. But it is entirely possible for a superpower to collapse through economic mismanagement. I personally would prefer that the US remain united, since it could pose a severe economic hardship on Indiana if we had international borders separating us from the coasts.

milton f said...

Too bad the video did not continue...Penn asked the question-at the end of #2 - -"Is it ok to have the grubbermint use force to do good?"

One might further ask "Is it in their lawful authority to?" (Remember that all the fed grub's authority is written and if it ain't written, it ain't authorized)

So even if it was "good" to bail out , say AIG, does the fed grub have the authority?

Mesa say NO.

Good video capture there F6...

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