Friday, November 25, 2005

My first online poll

I have decided to try posting a couple of polls in the next few weeks and see what kind of results I get. The polls will remain on the site for one week. Each person can only vote in the poll one time.

These polls are not scientific, I am just interested in knowing what people think!

Please feel free to pass on these polls to others and to post links to them on your blogs.

My first poll is about the Indiana Time zone issue. I am of the personal opinion that this issue should be decided by the voters and NOT by our politicians. That is just a personal opinion...

For a statewide referendum to be binding we would actually have to change The Indiana Constitution.


Anonymous said...

You need another option or two for voters in your poll- "I don't care" and perhaps - "I still don't want DST."

Anonymous said...

One term Mitch really has screwed up Indiana time. This is another reason the government should stay out of things they don't understand.

Ron Schimes said...

I prefer CST year round, as do most, if given a choice. Why wasn't it a choice?

LP Mike Sylvester said...

I decided to only put two choices in the poll to make things simple.

I almost added several other choices.

Based on the three comments to this poll I will add more choices to future polls.

For example I almost made the following choices:

3. Who cares what the time is?

4. I like it when the government is arguing about time because they are not passing more silly laws.

5. They should have left our time zones the way they were!

6. CST year around is the time zone for me.

Robert Enders said...

CST year round would have us an hour behind where we were last year. Central Standard Time is what Gary and Chicago are on October through April. I believe that Ron is referring to CDT, which is what Chicago is on April through October.

If we did in fact get CST year round, then Illinois would be AHEAD of us by an hour after they set their clocks ahead in April.

Anonymous said...

I would prefer Eastern time.

I would not like it getting dark at 4:30 pm for the entire month of December if we were on Central Time.

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